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The last chapter! And we topped out at just over 60k words...There's smut in this part, too. :)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part Six | Part Seven

“You’re alone,” Savin said, looking up from his book as Jazz slipped through the front door. He squinted at the empty space beside Jazz. “Why are you alone?”


Jazz gave Savin a brittle smile and tugged on the knot of his tie. “I told Devin how I felt,” he said, pulling his tie free from under his collar. “I’m -- pretty sure he doesn’t feel the same.”


Savin’s brow furrowed. “Did he tell you that?”


Jazz shook his head. “He doesn’t need to,” he said, toeing out of his good shoes and leaving them by the front door. He plodded towards the hall, passing Savin in his oversized armchair. “Actions speak louder than words, right?”


Savin, thankfully, didn’t follow him into the bedroom. Jazz quickly shed his suit, peeling away layers of it and stashing them away to be cleaned later and throwing what he could in the laundry hamper before he pulled on his pajama pants and a loose t-shirt. When he trotted back out into the living room, Savin was on the couch. He patted the space beside him. “C’mere,” he said, spreading his arms wide.


Jazz glided into Savin’s open arms, burying his face in Savin’s chest and forcing himself to breathe in deeply. “Tell me what happened,” Savin whispered, kissing Jazz’s forehead as he began to drift his nails down Jazz’s back in small, soothing motions.


Jazz told him, in starts and stops as he detailed the progression of the evening. How Devin had been distant. How it had been obvious that Ellis had gotten to him. How Devin had finally, finally started acting like himself again, all for Jazz to ruin it by confessing how he felt. How Devin had gone quiet after that; how he’d asked for Jazz to take him home instead of into bed with him. How he’d said he needed time.


“He might still like you, too, mate,” Savin said once Jazz had finished speaking. He spoke carefully, with consideration. “He didn’t tell you that he didn’t feel the same. He didn’t reject being close to you for the rest of the night -- I mean, aside from him deciding not to have sex with you, but -- I dunno. I saw the way he looks at you. I don’t think that’s something I made up, y’know?”


“I know, but,” Jazz whined, shaking his head. “Maybe he just looks at every one of his clients that way and I’m not unique, you know? I mean, he’s good at his job and he probably felt like he had to act a certain way in front of you, because you’re my husband he’s just -- some guy I hired to pretend to be my date, and --”


“You can’t fake those looks, love,” Savin said, his voice firm. “Believe me, maybe he said he needed to think because he hasn’t sat down and tried to figure out what he feels. But he feels something for you, I’m fucking sure of it.”


Jazz huffed and buried his face further into Savin’s shirt, breathing in the comforting scent of his husband. He tightened his arms around him and tried to think, wracking his brain for anything that was a sure fire sign that Jazz’s feelings were reciprocated. “How?” he moaned, unable to focus on anything but the blush on Devin’s face and the way he shifted uncomfortably when Jazz had confessed. “How can you be so fucking sure?”


“Because you two fucking cuddled in front of me like it was the most natural thing in the world and he doesn’t seem to do ‘natural’ very well,” Savin said, squeezing Jazz back. “He’s good at flirting, sure, and being sexy, sure, but -- he relaxed in your arms and pretty much seemed to forget I existed when you two began talking details.”  


“That just means he’s engrossed in what he’s doing,” Jazz said, muttering the words with a quiet scoff. He turned his head and stared out into their living room, his eyes focusing on the television. “He does that hyperfocus thing sometimes -- reminds me a bit of you, in a way.”


“He did it because he’s comfortable with you, and not just because you’re paying him,” Savin whispered. “And if he reminds you of me, either he’s as into you as I am, or you’ve fallen hard for another me, mate, and you’re in for a world of trouble…”


Jazz snorted, a true smile ghosting across his lips. “Hm, another you or being as into me as you, huh?” he teased, glancing up at Savin. “I’m pretty sure that just means double the trouble for me either way, ‘mate’..”


“Mm, you’d like that,” Savin hummed, smiling back at Jazz. His hands sank lower on Jazz’s back, finally coming to rest on the rise of Jazz’s ass. “You were so into the idea of having a threesome with him you practically popped a boner right then and there, y’know…”


Jazz’s face burned and he pouted, looking away from Savin’s mischievous green eyes. “Kind of did, actually…” he mumbled, embarrassed. His embarrassment faded as his earlier distress kicked back in, causing Jazz to bury his face in Savin’s chest once again. “Too bad he’s not gonna want to see me again, huh?”


“He’s gonna want to see you again, love,” Savin said, kissing the top of Jazz’s head. “He said he needed to think -- he didn’t say he didn’t want to see you again. Just give him time, okay? He’ll come around.”


Jazz drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes, relaxing against Savin’s front and snuggling closer to him. “Okay. I’ll do my best to give him time.”


“That means letting him come to you, y’know,” Savin murmured, drifting his fingertips down the edges of Jazz’s shoulder blade. “He needs to think, you let him think. Don’t pester him about whether he’s made a decision yet. Don’t do that -- that thing where you get super impatient and act weird around him because oh god he hasn’t given me an answer yet,” Savin said, a chuckle rumbling through him.


Jazz huffed and glared up at Savin playfully. “I do not get weird.”


“You totally get weird. You either flirt way too much or you back off entirely and be distant and I think what Devin needs is for you to treat him like you always have -- so he knows his answer isn’t going to affect how you behave, either way. You two still have to ‘work’ together after this, don’t you?”


“We have two more dinners scheduled, yeah,” Jazz said, closing his eyes again. “Friday and Saturday night, next week. I’m supposed to go over to his place during the week and talk about other dinners, too -- on Wednesday. That okay with you?”


“His place, huh? And not here?” Savin asked. Jazz could practically hear the raised eyebrow. “That’s rather promising, isn’t it?”


“His roommate’s not gonna be home,” Jazz said, feeling his ears burn a little as he nuzzled Savin. “He said he’d be more comfortable discussing things if we were alone and -- shut up, I know you’re thinking he’s already thought things through, but -- what if he decides he doesn’t want to work with me anymore? What if he’s gonna fire me?”


“He can’t fire you. You’re not the one getting paid to do these things, love,” Savin said with a quiet snort. “Just relax and be yourself on Wednesday. Give him space, if he wants it, and be all over him if he doesn’t, okay?”  


"Okay." Jazz smiled and tightened his arms around Savin. "I'll do my best, promise."


"Good. I don't want you screwing this up for yourself," Savin teased, pressing light kisses along the shell of Jazz's ear. He caught Jazz's earlobe between his teeth, causing Jazz to gasp and squirm a little in his arms. "I'd much rather me and Devin be doing the screwing, if you catch my drift..."


"Oh, I do," Jazz managed, a little breathless as Savin continued to tease him. He smirked up at Savin, straightening himself out so that he all but straddled Savin's lap, his hands guiding Savin's down the length of his sides and his stomach. "I'd rather you both be doing the screwing, too."


"I bet you do," Savin snickered, smoothing his palm over Jazz’s forming arousal. “I bet you want us to screw you at the same time, too.”


Jazz’s eyes fluttered shut all on their own, a quiet gasp escaping him as Savin continued to tease him over his clothes. “If anything goes wrong on Wednesday, I’m blaming you, you know,” he said, moving against Savin’s hand.


“I know. But nothing’s going to go wrong on Wednesday, so I don’t need to worry about that, mate,” Savin said, giving Jazz a cheeky grin. “Now, how should I comfort my husband before he goes to bed…?”


Jazz just rolled his eyes and leaned in, capturing Savin’s lips with his own. He whimpered into the kiss as Savin’s hands slipped down the back of his pants.


He would let Savin comfort him however he wanted to.




Wednesday came far too quickly for Jazz’s tastes, and with its arrival Jazz’s anxiety ramped up to levels he hadn’t experienced in a long time. He paced the length of his bedroom, cycling through various outfits that he ultimately rejected as too sporty, too casual, too stuffy. Eventually, Savin kicked him out of the bedroom, claiming that Jazz’s current clothes were fine -- a pair of jeans and a black polo shirt.


He had time to kill before heading over to Devin’s, but Jazz didn’t want to wait for any longer. He messaged Devin, asking if it was okay if he came over early -- he had more time than he’d thought he would, earlier in the week. Devin, thankfully, had said yes, his message terse but given the way Devin often spoke, it hadn’t come at all as a surprise.


When Jazz arrived at Devin’s house, he found himself sitting in the car for another five minutes, gathering his courage and convincing himself that he could, in fact, act natural and not weird at all. Except his palms were sweaty, and his heart pounded a little too hard against his ribs as he knocked on the door.


As he waited for Devin to inevitably slide the locks open, Jazz’s eyes drifted to the monster windsock, its mouth open in a toothy grin of sorts. Watching it flutter in the summer breeze, Jazz felt his shoulders relax a little, just as he heard the door click open.


“Hey,” Jazz said, smiling as he looked up into Devin’s amber eyes. He stepped into the house and gestured to the multitude of locks lacing the back of the door. “Paranoid much, sweetheart?” he quipped, making sure to keep his tone as light and teasing as possible.


Devin’s expression changed, though Jazz found he still couldn’t quite read it, even as he blinked and scrubbed at his face. “Um -- was like that, when we moved in,” he said, his face turning pinker with every word. He settled onto the couch a moment later and looked away, smoothing his hands over the length of his hair.


Jazz gave a half-hearted laugh and slipped out of his shoes, leaving the beside the door before sitting down on the couch beside Devin, careful to leave some distance between them. “I was just teasing, you know,” he said, placing a hand on Devin’s arm. “I don’t really think you’re paranoid or anything.”


Devin met his eyes, then gave a slow, jerky nod of his head. “‘Kay…” he managed, his voice awfully small. Now that Jazz was closer, he could see that Devin was certainly as nervous as Jazz had felt moments ago.


But he hadn’t shrugged off Jazz’s touch. Emboldened, Jazz scooted closer to Devin, letting his fingers slide down the length of Devin’s arm. “We still on for this weekend?” he asked, making sure to keep his expression soft and open. “I know we left off on a bit of an -- awkward note, on Friday.”


Devin blinked. “Thought you’d --” He stopped and cleared his throat, giving himself a slight shake. “Looked upset, Friday, after you…”


“I was upset,” Jazz said. Despite himself, he tangled their fingers together, holding Devin’s hand in both of his. “But I talked to Savin about it and he pointed out that you didn’t actually reject me, and that helped a lot.”


Devin’s brow furrowed. He studied Jazz for a moment before his eyes drifted down to their hands. “What if I do?” he asked, his words quiet. “Still gonna want me to go with you, this weekend?”


Jazz’s heart stopped in his chest. He lowered his gaze to their intertwined fingers and swallowed the lump forming in his throat. Squeezing Devin’s fingers, he looked back up and gave Devin a shaky smile. “Yes, I would,” he said, his words soft. He licked his lips. “I want to spend time with you, even if it’s just -- work and nothing else. I just -- I don’t think I’ll be sleeping with you anymore, if you reject me. Because my feelings for you are already pretty strong, and -- having sex with you would just make them stronger, y’know? So that’d be off the table unless we were dating, but -- I still want you to work for me, even if we aren’t.”


He held Devin’s gaze; held Devin’s hands and caught his bottom lip between his teeth as Devin looked away first. “So -- still think I do a good job, then? Supposed to know when my clients’re getting attached, y’know.”


Jazz gave a quiet laugh at that, reaching up to brush a loose strand of Devin’s hair out of his face. “I’m the first person you took as a regular, sweetheart,” he said, keeping his voice quiet. “I had a crush the moment we met -- and sometimes those go away and sometimes those don’t, you know?”


Devin’s cheeks became dusted in pink, and he leaned into Jazz’s touch. “Blushed a lot, when we first met,” he said, a small smile tugging on his lips. “Just thought you were nervous.”

“I was,” Jazz said, grinning. “You made me a lot less nervous, remember? I didn’t know what I was fucking doing and I couldn’t have asked for a better Sidearm to come save my ass from social embarrassment.” He moved in closer, letting go of Devin’s hand and instead resting his head against Devin’s chest. “You’re very good at your job and I want to keep hiring you, even if you didn’t know for sure that I was getting attached to you.”

Devin relaxed underneath him, a quiet sigh of relief escaping him as he wrapped his arms around Jazz in turn, threading his fingers through Jazz’s hair at the back of his head as he cradled him to his chest. “Save your ass a lot, y’know,” Devin muttered, teasing.

“I know,” Jazz whispered, snuggling closer to Devin. A smile tugged on his lips. “It’s one of the reasons why I like you so much.”

“Got any other reasons?” Devin’s fingers drifted down the back of Jazz’s neck, the touch light and obviously not meant to arouse. Still, a pleasurable shiver ran itself down Jazz’s spine all the same.

“You’re smart, you’re funny,” Jazz answered, his face heating up some as he spoke. “You’re cute, you listen to me and offer advice -- even when you don’t have to…” He looked up at Devin, his smile shy. “You indulge me in small ways, like this -- cuddling with me even though you don’t have to…”

“Want to,” Devin said, his own face turning pink. He smiled at Jazz, his own expression sheepish. “Like cuddling with you. ‘Sdifferent -- most clients like to keep their distance unless they wanna fuck.”

“Well, we both know I like sex,” Jazz said, giving Devin a sly smile. He nuzzled Devin. “Though I just want to be close to you, right now.”


"Wanna be close to you, too," Devin whispered, his lips brushing against Jazz's ear as he dipped his head forward. His fingers moved along Jazz's shoulder blades, the touch somehow lighter than Savin's but still just as comforting.


They sat like that in silence for a while, Jazz listening to Devin's heartbeat all the while. He would be happy if this was all he had. If this was all they had, even if they never dated. Devin’s arms were warm and comforting; his chest was damn near a perfect pillow.


Devin cleared his throat. "Haven't had a boyfriend in a really long time," he said, his words carrying an odd note to them. "Don't think I'd make great dating material, y'know? Just -- got issues and all, but..." His fingers came to a stop on Jazz’s back. “Like you a lot, too.”


The words were barely whispered -- so quiet Jazz almost didn’t hear him. But his body heated with Devin’s words, his face no doubt flushing as he lifted his head so he could meet Devin’s eyes with a questioning look. “Really?” he breathed, a disbelieving smile stretching across his lips.


Devin blinked, then grinned back at Jazz, his whole face lighting up with his smile as he leaned forward and kissed Jazz’s forehead. “Too fucking cute…” he muttered, shaking his head.


“I’m not fucking cute,” Jazz pouted, burying his face in Devin’s shirt. He willed his deepening blush away before peeking up at Devin once more. “You think I’m cute?”


Devin snorted. “Yeah,” he answered after a moment, brushing Jazz’s hair out of his eyes. “Sure you wanna date me? Can’t really go out on weekends with you or anything -- gotta work, a lot of the time…”


“Can’t I still hire you for those dinners?” Jazz asked, his brow furrowing a little. “I don’t mind paying you to sit with me during those, still. Especially since they keep inviting me and my ‘husband,’ anyway…”


“Guess you could, yeah, but --” Devin pressed another light kiss to Jazz’s hair. “Weekends’re best for sex clients, too, though.”


“I’d still let you see those,” Jazz said, giving a shrug of his shoulders. He drifted his fingertips up the length of Devin’s arm. “We’d find time to see each other -- like right now. Though I’d love to take you out to eat somewhere normal, too, every once in a while…”


Devin nodded, relaxing further into his couch and somehow molding himself around Jazz, in the process, pulling Jazz closer to him. “Think I’d like that,” he said, breathing the words into Jazz’s hair. “Savin really okay with this?”


“He’s probably blowing up my phone right now, asking how things are going,” Jazz said with a snort. “I mean, it’ll be interesting, balancing the two of you, but -- it’s not like I haven’t done this before, either. I’ll make it work so that I keep both my husband and my boyfriend happy.”


“Boyfriend, huh?” Devin quipped. “Don’t know if I agreed to that or not…”


Jazz chuckled, tilting his head back and brushing his lips against the edge of Devin’s jaw. “I think you kinda did,” he said, murmuring the words against Devin’s skin. “Would it make you happy, being my boyfriend?”


“Mm, maybe. Know what would make me happy, though?” Devin asked, his nails raking down Jazz’s spine slowly.


A flare of arousal sparked in him, causing Jazz to squirm a little in Devin’s arms. “Mm, I’m not sure,” he managed in response, slipping his fingers underneath the edge of Devin’s shirt. “I could think of several things that might make both of us happy…”


Before he could do anything else, Devin’s lips were on top of his. Jazz yelped at Devin’s sudden roughness, but relaxed into the kiss as it deepened. He sat up in Devin’s lap, running his hands up Devin’s chest before cupping Devin’s face in his hands as their tongues teased against one another’s, quiet moans escaping them both.


He’d missed this. He’d missed making out with the man currently sitting underneath him, the intimacy of it as their bodies pressed even closer together. Devin’s hands slid down his back to his ass, groping it and causing Jazz to gasp against his lips. Jazz groaned and positioned himself so that his ass could better grind against Devin’s now obvious arousal.


“Do we wanna take this to your room?” Jazz asked, breathless, as he began to leave feather-light kisses along the edge of Devin’s jaw and down his throat.


“Mm, dunno,” Devin answered, his deft fingers now making quick work of Jazz’s jeans. He unzipped and unbuttoned them and slipped his hand down the front of Jazz’s pants, looking up at Jazz all the while with an almost dazed expression. “Could fuck you out here, if you want. Kinda like having you in my lap like this…”


Jazz whimpered and caught his bottom lip between his teeth, closing his eyes as Devin’s fingers found his length and stroked along it. He imagined both of them naked from the waist down, imagined himself sliding down the length of Devin’s cock and having it stretch him open. As his mind supplied himself with the images of Devin panting underneath him, rocking into him from below, he slipped his hands underneath his shirt and toyed with his own nipples. “I think I’d like that,” he whispered, bucking as Devin continued to tease his cock.


Devin didn’t say anything else; his hands moved up to tug Jazz’s shirt over his head, his mouth ended up pressed against Jazz’s throat, then down his chest before his tongue circled one of Jazz’s nipples. Jazz groaned and whined, grinding himself against Devin’s front before tugging Devin’s head back by his hair, capturing Devin’s lips with his own.


They kissed, harsh and desperate, their bodies already moving in tandem even though neither one of them had removed their pants. Devin’s shirt came off next, and Jazz had to take a moment to admire him, dragging his nails along the edge of Devin’s collarbone before meeting his eyes.


“You’re so beautiful,” Jazz said, feeling his face grow even warmer than it already was. “How did I get so lucky?”


“Not any luckier than me,” Devin moaned. He slowly peeled Jazz’s jeans and his boxer-briefs off of him, biting his own lip as his eyes raked over every inch of Jazz’s body. “Not the only one who’s beautiful, y’know…”


Jazz blushed and gave Devin a bashful smile before leaning in to kiss Devin. This time, the kisses started slow, Jazz whimpering against Devin’s lips every once in a while as Devin shifted underneath him. Jazz moved with him, lifting himself up even as he continued to deepen the kiss in increments.


Eventually, Devin’s pants wound up on the floor as well, his arousal hard and pressing against Jazz’s backside. Jazz inhaled sharply in anticipation, moving along Devin’s length in a way that suggested just exactly wanted: Devin in him, right now. Except they didn’t have any lube, and while Jazz was a fan of being stretched beyond his limits --


“Can go in slow?” Devin suggested, gripping himself with one hand, while the other came to rest on Jazz’s hip. He bit his lip and studied Jazz’s face. “Wanna be in you -- been thinking about it since you mentioned you wanted me to top…”


Jazz moaned a little at the thought of Devin pushing his way inside; at the thought of sliding himself down Devin’s length inch by inch. How it’d burn and stretch and how full he’d feel once Devin was all the way in. Licking his lips, he gave a slight nod of his head, lining himself up better. “Slow’s fine,” he managed, pressing a quick kiss to Devin’s lips.


They both fumbled for a moment, the couch not exactly providing either one of them with the best angle, the way they were positioned. But as impatient as they both were, Devin managed to keep his word, first teasing Jazz’s opening with his fingertips, then the head of his cock. Jazz lowered himself onto Devin, gasping and writhing with every inch and just focusing on how good the stretch felt.


Jazz’s chest heaved with his arousal, quiet moans escaping him as he and Devin shifted again, both seemingly unwilling to separate in order to achieve the best angle for moment. Jazz rolled his own hips, a sharp noise escaping him as he took too much too fast. He melted as Devin’s hands slid up his sides; as they fondled Jazz’s chest and moved back down to Jazz’s hips.


“Not a professional like me, ‘member?” Devin murmured, his words as light as his touches. He gave Jazz a quiet smirk. “Not easy, taking someone dry…”


Jazz just rolled his eyes, a good-natured smile tugging on his lips as he directed one of Devin’s hands to his half-hard cock. “It’s just -- been a while since I have,” he said, squirming a little in Devin’s lap as he adjusted to being penetrated. “Savin’s bigger than you are and I can handle him just fine…”


Devin just laughed, lightly stroking Jazz back to full hardness before rolling his hips, just a little. Jazz matched his moments, his back arching as Devin brushed against a sensitive spot within him. “Might be easier your back, y’know,” Devin managed several half-thrusts later. “Want all of me in you, right?”


Jazz bit his lip again, a sharp moan escaping him as Devin thrust upwards, this time a harder than before. He found himself leaning his arms heavily on Devin’s shoulders, bouncing in time with Devin and burying his face in Devin’s neck. He wanted to argue that he was definitely getting all of Devin this way, too, but couldn’t push the words past his lips. Instead, he nipped at Devin’s throat and kissed along his jaw until he found Devin’s lips. “Want it -- like this,” he gasped out eventually, meeting Devin’s eyes. “I’m not gonna break -- promise…”


He wanted Devin to pound him. He wanted to ride Devin like he hadn’t ridden anyone before. Devin’s hands were on his face, the two of them kissing again and moaning against each other’s lips as their bodies found a satisfying rhythm. Jazz broke the kiss, only to slam himself down on Devin’s cock, taking all of him in and losing himself in the sensation of it all.


Devin’s fingers were on his cock again, sliding along the length of it in time with each roll of Jazz’s hips as he fucked himself on Devin’s length. He couldn’t speak anymore, only moan as he closed his eyes and gave in to every sensation, allowing them to overwhelm him. He gasped Devin’s name, his voice growing shrill as his pleasure mounted. He held off his orgasm as long as he could -- held off until he could hear Devin’s breathing hitch; felt the tremor in his body as he, too, got close.


He wanted Devin to come in him. He needed it, and when Devin picked up the pace, Jazz struggled to match it, thrusting into Devin’s hand as Devin’s cock dragged in and out of him. When he finally came, it was with a sharp cry, his body tensing and tightening and he could practically feel the moment Devin emptied himself inside of him, seconds after Jazz’s orgasm had come to an end.


They curled up together on the couch, naked and spent and gasping into each other’s shoulders, Jazz lifting his hips so Devin could slip out of him. Jazz struggled to catch his breath and tightened his arms around Devin, burying his face in his chest. “That’s -- not gonna cost me anything, is it?” he quipped, giving Devin a cheeky grin as he looked up at him.


Devin snorted and patted Jazz’s behind, snickering a little at Jazz’s quiet yelp. “Not unless you wanna pay me,” he returned, pressing a kiss on the bridge of Jazz’s nose. “Think boyfriends get to fuck for free, though.”


Jazz giggled and nuzzled Devin, brushing his lips against the edge of Devin’s throat. “Does that mean I get to spend hours in bed with you and not just one, now?” he asked, drifting his fingertip down the middle of Devin’s chest. “Because I can get behind that. Or on top of it. Or --”


Devin cut him off, kissing Jazz and pushing him down onto the couch. “Think I wanna be on top,” he said, teasing his tongue down the edge of Jazz’s neck. “Wasn’t allowed to be, before…”


“That’s because Savin said I couldn’t let you top me until I told you how I felt,” Jazz said with a quiet laugh. Devin lifted his head from Jazz’s neck, his brow furrowed. Jazz cupped the side of his face and stretched himself forward, kissing the tip of Devin’s nose. “Don’t worry, we have permission to do whatever we want in bed, now. Savin just wants me to -- ah, recreate all of it with him later…”


“Gonna give you plenty to do with him, then,” Devin said, smirking at Jazz. He teased one of Jazz’s nipples with his fingertips. “Not gonna let you leave for a while, y’know.”


“I like the sound of that,” Jazz said, shivering under Devin’s touches. “We can -- talk about going on actual dates and shit later, I think…”


Devin nodded, leaning in to stroke Jazz’s cheek, his smirk softening into a small smile. “Think I’d like that,” he said, meeting Jazz’s eyes. “Don’t know how to date anymore, y’know…”


“You’re doing a damn good job of it,” Jazz said, smiling back. He licked his lips, wanting nothing more than Devin’s mouth on top of his own, again. “We’ll figure it all out -- as long as we want to make this work, we will, okay? So don’t worry about all that and let’s just enjoy ourselves for now, okay?”


The grin on Devin’s face made Jazz’s heart skip a beat. “‘Kay,” he whispered, kissing Jazz softly. “‘ll do my best.”


That was all Jazz could ask for.

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