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Just a heads' up that this part earns the "Explicit" rating, for sure. Jazz and Devin weren't going to let me go through this whole AU without them fucking, I swear to you...
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When Jazz finally arrived at his car, he noticed Devin was already sitting in the passenger seat, his head tipped back and his eyes closed. Blinking, he approached the car slowly and opened the driver’s side door. “I’m sorry that took me so long,” he said, settling into the driver’s seat.

Devin stirred and gave a slight shake of his head, blinking at Jazz for a moment before speaking. “‘Sokay. What’d he want?”

Jazz gave a dismissive wave of his hand. “Just was trying to be your white knight again,” he said, giving Devin a small, rueful smile. “For someone who’s only hired you once, he certainly has a lot of opinions on how I should handle your employment…”

Devin huffed and slouched further into his seat, folding his arms over his chest and turning to glance out the window. “Been told he’s the best client the Union has,” he said, chewing his lip. “Thing is, also been told he likes ‘em broken… likes the idea of ‘fixing’ ‘em, I guess.”

“I very distinctly got that impression this evening, yeah,” Jazz said, repressing a shudder as he backed his car out of the space. “He kept trying to look out for you and prove to me I’m just going to take advantage of you. Like you’re not an adult who can’t make his own decisions.” Jazz scoffed and shook his head, meeting Devin’s eyes as they came to a stop in the parking lot. “You’re not broken just because you chose this profession.”

Devin shrugged his shoulders. “Didn’t have much of a choice,” he said. “Wasn’t legal when I first moved to Majeria. Wasn’t a Sidearm then but I still found sex clients, y’know?”

Jazz frowned a little to himself, weighing Devin’s words heavily in his mind before responding. “Weren’t legal like you were an illegal immigrant, or weren’t legal like you were too young for the age of consent.”

“Both,” Devin answered, clearing his throat. “Seventeen’s legal back home. Didn’t know it wasn’t in Majeria ‘til me and Wes moved.”

Jazz gave a quiet bark of a laugh and shook his head. “It must not have been easy,” he said, glancing at Devin out of the corner of his eye. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “I started stripping when I was seventeen. My mom kicked me out of the house and -- well, it was one of the few things I thought I could get away with doing, even if I wasn’t legal yet, either. I needed a job, you know? I had to support myself somehow.”

Devin remained silent, and Jazz could see him pick at imaginary lint on his suit jacket as he drove them through the Majerian countryside. “Yeah,” he said, the single word doing nothing to fill the space his silence had left behind. “Kinda tired. It okay if I nap?”

“Sure,” Jazz said, offering Devin a soft smile. “There’s a lever on the side to let the seat go back, if you’d like to recline it some.”

Devin nodded, blindly searching for the aforementioned lever before pushing the seat back. He curled up on his side as best as he could, facing away from Jazz. Jazz watched him all the while out of the corner of his eye and sighed. They had a good hour before they were back at Devin’s home; letting him take a brief nap wouldn’t hurt anything.

He didn’t know how long he sat in silence before he pulled his phone out of his pocket, furrowing his brow as he glanced at it in the dark. One missed call, several text messages. All from Savin. Biting his lip, Jazz debated calling Savin back -- but he didn’t want to wake Devin up, either.

Before you panic about the phone call, nothing’s wrong, read the first message. i just forgot you had a dinner with Piere tonight and called because I missed you, read the second.

Jazz heaved a sigh of relief and smiled to himself. I miss you too, love, he typed back, keeping one eye on the road and swiping his thumb in loops over the keyboard. Taking Devin home now. Probably won’t be back until way late. His roommate’s not home…

He hit send before he could rethink that last part. He wasn’t asking for permission for anything further -- he knew that would likely come in due time. But he didn’t want Savin to wait up for him, either, considering he might end up spending the night at Devin’s if it got too late for him to drive safely home. Might. If he stayed long enough for that to even be an issue.

Sighing, Jazz put his phone down in the cupholder, glancing at it every now and again while he continued to drive. He glanced at Devin every once in a while, licking his lips as he thought about what it’d be like to step inside Devin’s home. If Devin hadn’t suddenly changed his mind about keeping Jazz on as a regular client, anyway.

His phone lit up, and Jazz picked it back up and scanned Savin’s newest message: Not planning on spending the night are you? ;)

Only if you’re okay with that <3

That depends -- you ready to admit you have a crush on him yet?

Jazz groaned at Savin’s message and rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t stop the smile from making its way across his face. Didn’t I already say I did?

Nope. Just said it’d be okay if you had one. Kinda dodged admitting it the last time, mate…

Jazz shook his head and pursed his lips together, taking a moment to think back to when he and Savin last talked about his potential crush on Devin. It didn’t take long for him to realize Savin was right. I really, really like him, Savin. I’d date him for real if I didn’t screw that up by paying him to pretend-date me.

His face burned at the admission, and he put his phone back down. He needed a good minute or three before he could read Savin’s response -- which was practically immediate.

When he finally had the courage to look at his phone again, his face burned even hotter. This is the third dinner you took him out on, isn’t it?

Jazz furrowed his brow. He blinked, realizing he was closing in on Devin’s neighborhood and turned off the highway. Are you suggesting the third date rule? He paused, then sent: Technically, this is our fourth date if you include the night I hired him…

I am! :D And true, which means you’re overdue on fucking him into the mattress, aren’t you? ;)

Jazz eased into Devin’s driveway, doing his best not to disturb his sleeping partner. He bit his lip, trying to imagine himself doing just as Savin said. Normally it was all too easy, but right now… I guess I am, when you put it that way…. He glanced at Devin again and put the car in park. He began typing another message when Savin replied again:

You have permission to sleep with him, mate. <3 Whenever you feel ready to. Doesn’t have to be tonight -- just tell me if/when you do, okay?

Okay <3 I love you

Devin stirred in his seat, a quiet little groan escaping him as he lifted his head and squinted out the window. “Where’m I…?”

“We’re at your place,” Jazz said, keeping his voice soft and slipping his phone in his pocket, Savin’s last message (“I love you, too <3”) popping up on the screen just before he did so. He gave Devin a small smile. “If you’re too tired, sweetheart, I can go home. We don’t have to do anything, tonight.”

Devin turned to him, his brow furrowed as regarded Jazz with an odd expression on his face. He readjusted his seat and sat upright, scrubbing his face with his palms. For a moment, Devin curled in on himself a little, his shoulders slumped and his features unreadable in the dark. “Don’t wanna come in?” he asked, his voice quiet and --

Hurt, Jazz realized with a start. His smile softened further, and he placed a light hand on Devin’s shoulder. “Of course I do,” he said, pulling his key from the ignition. He leaned in and kissed Devin’s cheek. “I just know tonight might’ve been a little overwhelming for you, what with having to sit with Ellis and Murdock and all…”

He climbed out of the car and shut the door behind him, made his way around the car, and opened the door for Devin before Devin so much as moved, his eyes dazed as he looked up at Jazz. “‘mfine,” he said after a moment, taking Jazz’s hand. He studied Jazz warily and rose to his feet.

Jazz nodded, reaching up to brush a loose strand of Devin’s hair out of his face and tuck it behind his ear. He met Devin’s eyes for a moment, then felt his face heat up as he lowered them to Devin’s lips. “I messaged Savin while you were asleep,” he said, instinctively stepping closer to Devin so that they were almost flush against one another. He slid his hands up Devin’s chest, absently adjusting Devin’s sleep-rumpled jacket along the way.

“Yeah?” Devin breathed, bending forward and kissing Jazz, his lips soft and warm against Jazz’s own. “What’d he say?”

Jazz kissed back, sliding his hands down to Devin’s hips. He allowed himself the indulgence of Devin’s mouth moving slowly against his own as the kiss deepened, just a little bit. When he broke away, he smirked up at Devin. “Let’s go inside, first. It’s a little chilly out here…”

Devin nodded, slipped away from Jazz, and unlocked the front door to his home with a practiced ease. Jazz followed him in, tweaking the knot of his tie as he swallowed a wave of nervousness. Wes wasn’t there, he reminded himself as he glanced around the living room. The lights flipped on, and in the light, Jazz could see the faint confusion still present on Devin’s face. But he let Devin lead him through the living room and down the hall.

He wasn’t sure what he expected when he stepped into Devin’s bedroom. But the room was sparsely decorated and a uniform shade of white, with a small bed in the middle. And somehow, Jazz felt small in it, even though the room wasn’t all that large. Devin shut the door behind him and stepped past Jazz, sitting on the edge of the bed. He leaned back on one hand, the other already at his neck and loosening his tie.

It felt wrong.

Licking his lips, Jazz raked his fingers through his hair and dragged his nails over his scalp. Maybe he was reading into things too much -- the evening had been rougher than usual on Devin, and Devin had never felt like he was just… going through the motions with Jazz. But Jazz’s eyes drifted along the length of Devin’s body; saw the slight slump of Devin’s shoulders, how the sultry little smirk didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“You sure you’re okay?” Jazz asked before he could stop himself. He winced at the way Devin’s expression crumpled and rubbed the back of his neck, dropping his eyes to the floor. Before he could think of anything else to say, he settled on the edge of the bed beside Devin and placed his hand over his, meeting his eyes once more. “I know this is your job, and I know that you pride yourself in what you do and how good you are at it, but it’s okay if you’re not feeling up to having me here, right now.”

Devin pulled his hand out from under Jazz’s and looked away from him, folding his arms over his chest in a loose hug. “I’m okay,” he said after a moment. “Just -- am broken, y’know?”

Jazz blinked at Devin, letting his quiet words fill the space between them. Then he nodded slowly, reaching for Devin’s hand and pulling it towards him, brushing his lips against Devin’s knuckles. “There’s nothing wrong with that,” he said, meeting Devin’s eyes again. He turned Devin’s hand over and pressed his lips to the inside of Devin’s wrist. “I didn’t hire you because I wanted to fix you or anything like that, I --”

“Hired me ‘cause I helped you relax,” Devin said, his eyes wide as he stared down at Jazz. He closed his mouth and swallowed, his face flushing a little at his own words just as Jazz’s did as well. “Overheard you and Ellis,” he murmured, turning his head to the side.

“I figured you had,” Jazz said with a quiet snort. He kissed further up Devin’s arm, then the bend of his elbow -- all while pulling Devin closer to him. By the time he spoke again, he’d found his way to Devin’s shoulder, his lips skirting the collar of Devin’s shirt. “You looked like you’d been standing behind us for a while…”

Devin shivered, all but welcoming Jazz into his lap as his hands rested on Jazz’s waist. “Gonna keep seeing me, then?” he asked, his eyes searching Jazz’s.

Jazz grinned and straddled Devin, positioning himself better so he could cup the younger man’s face in his hands. “Of course,” he said, brushing his thumb against Devin’s lips before leaning in to kiss him. “You didn’t think I’d stop hiring you because of what happened tonight, did you?”

Devin practically whimpered against his lips, his grip tightening on Jazz’s waist. Jazz noticed the blush creeping across Devin’s cheeks and smirked. His nails then drifted down the edge of Devin’s neck as Devin shook his head -- but Jazz had felt the momentary hesitation in his answer and smiled.

“You are an amazing Sidearm,” he said, gently pushing Devin down onto the bed. He continued to straddle him, relishing in the way Devin’s breathing hitched as his lips brushed against Devin’s neck. “Whether you’re -- ‘broken’ or not doesn’t change that.” He nipped at Devin’s throat, taking in a deep, steadying breath himself as Devin rolled his hips. “I still want you -- as my partner.”

“Still want you, too,” Devin groaned, his hands moving to Jazz’s ass and groping him. Jazz chuckled against Devin’s skin, pulling away just enough to help Devin out of his jacket and to start unbuttoning his shirt.

Devin’s hands moved from his ass to his front, making quick work of Jazz’s own buttons and tugging his shirt free from his pants. Jazz kissed him hard, Devin’s tongue eagerly meeting his own as the kiss deepened, their bodies already moving together as Jazz ground against Devin’s forming arousal.

He could have him. He could wrap his fingers around Devin’s cock, could suck him off, could ride it like he was so heavily considering right at this moment. All of it would be okay. He shivered at the very idea, moaning a little as Devin’s hands moved back down to Jazz’s ass and slipped under the waist of his slacks, but not his underwear.

They continued to touch and tease one another, their bodies moving in tandem and both of them growing increasingly out of breath. Jazz should break the kiss -- should tell Devin that he had permission now to do everything, but he liked the intimacy of this. Getting each other close, but keeping hands over clothes.

At some point, Devin had rolled them so that Jazz was on his back, the top half of his clothing tossed somewhere on Devin’s otherwise immaculate bedroom floor, Devin’s shirt and tie following suit -- though Jazz had to fight the urge to ask him to keep the tie on. They hadn’t discussed kinks -- they hadn’t even discussed who would top if they had sex, though Jazz suspected Devin preferred to bottom.

Devin hooked his fingers underneath the edge of Jazz’s pants, his lips now pressed against Jazz’s throat as Jazz threw his head back against Devin’s pillow. “‘Stoo bad you don’t have permission,” he breathed as he tugged Jazz’s pants off his hips. They got thrown to the floor, too, leaving Jazz in just his underwear. Devin rubbed his hand along Jazz’s still clothed cock. “Think I’d like to give you head, if you did. Bet you’d sound fucking amazing getting sucked off…”

Jazz groaned, spreading his legs a little and rutting against Devin’s fingers. “Mm, what if I told you I do?”

Devin’s teasing touches paused. He’d been slowly kissing his way down Jazz’s chest and stomach, and he lifted his head, his eyes wide and pupils blown with arousal. “You do what?” he asked, his fingers wrapping around Jazz’s cock over his underwear, stroking him loosely.

“I have permission,” Jazz all but moaned, rocking his hips again to encourage Devin to keep touching him. “Savin said we cou -- oh my god…”

Jazz’s hands flew to the top of Devin’s head, his fingers tangling themselves in Devin’s hair. Devin had stripped him of his underwear, tugging it down just enough to free Jazz’s cock. Devin’s mouth surrounded him a hot second later, wet and perfect and Jazz covered his own mouth with one hand to try and stifle the noises threatening to escape him.

Devin’s tongue teased the underside of his length, each dip of his head slow and meticulous and Jazz almost couldn’t handle it. It had been weeks since he’d felt anyone’s mouth around him like this, and Devin certainly was good at it. He could come like this in a matter of minutes, if he let himself get lost in every sensation of Devin’s mouth caused him.

He let himself get loud, though, each breath out accompanied by a whimper or a moan. Devin chuckled around him, the sensation causing Jazz to shiver. Then Devin did something else with his tongue and Jazz gripped at the sheets, doing his best to hold back a cry.

Maybe he should just let Devin suck him off all the way -- but first he needed to know if --

“Paid by the hour for this, too,” Devin said, murmuring the words against Jazz’s cock. He traced his tongue around the tip and lapped at the slit, teasing it and making Jazz’s toes curl. “Can charge you later -- can fuck as many times as you want. Normally charge for spending the night, too, but….” Devin swallowed him whole; Jazz felt the head of his cock slip into the back of Devin’s throat and collapsed against the bed, gasping as Devin slowly came back up. “Know you’ve got a long ride back. Not gonna charge you if you crash here.”

Jazz nodded, unable to form words as Devin continued to render him speechless. He was so, so close already, his hips blindly chasing every move of Devin’s mouth. He tangled his fingers in Devin’s hair again; pushed Devin’s mouth further down the length of his cock and enjoyed the little choked noise of surprise at that. “I -- wanna come this way,” he managed. “I -- recover fast, so…”

He apparently didn’t need to say any more. Each dip of Devin’s head seemed to be done with renewed purpose, his tongue tracing shapes into Jazz’s overly sensitive skin and the suction of his mouth perfect. Jazz devolved again into a mess of moans and gasps, his hand still in Devin’s hair and every once in a while he tugged on it, relishing in the way Devin moaned around him and how that felt against his cock.

Devin deepthroated him once more, swallowing him and Jazz cried out, moaning Devin’s name as he came. He emptied himself into the back of Devin’s throat, gasping and writhing and spent, collapsing back against Devin’s pillow and taking a moment to revel in his orgasm. Once Devin finished swallowing every last bit, he kissed his way back up the length of Jazz’s body, his own face flushed.

Breathless, Jazz cupped Devin’s cheek and kissed him, tasting traces of himself on Devin’s lips. He still hadn’t come down entirely from his orgasm, but having Devin on top of him, pressed flush against him and still partially clothed was heady, in and of itself. Jazz shifted his weight on Devin’s bed, rolling him onto his back.

There was a moment where they locked eyes, Devin’s lip caught partially between his teeth, his chest heaving with his uneven, labored breathing. “You’re beautiful,” Jazz said before he could stop himself, his eyes tracing the edges of Devin’s body. He wondered what it’d look like if Devin’s hair weren’t meticulously braided behind his head -- how it’d fan against the pillow and frame Devin’s slim shoulders.

Devin’s face turned pink at the compliment, his eyes trailing up Jazz’s body. “Not too bad yourself, y’know,” he said after a moment, licking his lips and smirking up at Jazz.

Jazz snorted, hiding his smile as he leaned in close to Devin, pressing himself flush against him again and enjoying grinding against Devin’s arousal. He allowed himself a moment to tease the edge of Devin’s neck, chuckling as Devin’s back arched off the bed when he smoothed his hand up the clothed length of Devin’s cock. “Take off the rest of your clothes,” he growled against Devin’s throat.

He pulled away and Devin obliged, his pants and underwear landing unceremoniously on the floor. And again, Jazz found himself drinking in the image of Devin naked, his cock hard and his legs spread, practically inviting Jazz inside him. Jazz knew he had a few more minutes before he could get hard again, probably, but still he found himself aching to spread those long, lean legs even wider and push himself between them.

Instead of doing just that, though, he took Devin in his hand and stroked him slowly, watching Devin’s expression change intently. He relished in the way Devin moaned low in his throat; how his eyes rolled back and how he bit back his gasp. Jazz leaned in close again, pressing his lips to Devin’s neck and nipping at him gently, all while he continued to pleasure Devin with his hand.

“You have lube, right?” Jazz breathed against Devin’s skin, tracing Devin’s collarbone with his tongue.

“Could take you without it,” Devin answered, but he did gesture to the lone nightstand sitting beside his bed, too. “Kinda -- like the pain of it…”

Jazz’s breath hitched at the thought of Devin squirming in pain underneath him. “Is that so?” he murmured, tightening his fingers around Devin just for a moment. “What else do you like the pain of…?”

Devin’s eyes fluttered shut, his own breath catching in his throat. Jazz catalogued the reaction for later exploitation and reached into the nightstand. “Lots of things,” Devin answered, his voice roughened with lust. He watched Jazz intently as he pulled out the lube, his expression almost disappointed.

“I want to tease you, first,” Jazz said, smirking as he held up the bottle. “Not ready to fuck you just yet, remember?”

Devin nodded, swallowing hard as Jazz squirted just a little bit of lube on his fingers. He didn’t want to take Devin dry his first time with him, but he could oblige in giving Devin the pain he wanted. Instead of pushing Devin’s legs further open and finding his entrance, he slicked up Devin’s cock, enjoying the strangled noise that escaped him at the sensation. Jazz kissed along the junction of hip and thigh and took one of Devin’s balls in his mouth, all while continuing to fist Devin’s cock.

He wanted to taste all of Devin -- and so he eventually pulled his hand away just as Devin had started getting quite loud, his thighs trembling around Jazz’s head. The whimper that escaped Devin encouraged him further, his tongue sinking lower and his hands pushing Devin’s thighs open and back to give him better access.

“Do you like rimjobs?” Jazz asked, lifting his head just enough to study Devin’s face.

Devin whimpered, his face flushing as he managed to give Jazz an almost imperceptible nod. Jazz grinned, letting go of Devin's cock so he could better position himself between Devin's legs and pushed them back. Judging just by Devin's reaction at the mere thought of Jazz's tongue against his ass, Devin was almost as much of a fan of the act as Savin.

Considering Savin could barely handle five minutes of Jazz tonguing him before literally begging to be fucked, Jazz almost couldn’t wait to find out how much Devin liked it. Jazz loved reducing Savin to such a state, and as he tentatively swirled his tongue over the tight ring of muscle, he heard Devin cry out, the noise choked and excited and encouraging. Jazz found himself putting more pressure behind the flat of his tongue. If Devin was worked up before, he was even more so now, judging by all the little mewling sounds he was making.

He licked into Devin, breathing in sharply himself as Devin's thighs closed around his ears when he nipped at the globes of Devin's ass. Devin's hips rocked against his face, making it difficult for Jazz to breathe for a moment -- but that just turned him on further, made him more determined to give Devin one of the best damn rimjobs of his life.

It wasn't long before Devin was tugging at his hair and making Jazz gasp against his ass. Jazz pulled away just a little, giving himself a chance to breathe a little as he smirked up at Devin. “Want me to stop?” he asked, trailing his tongue up the length of Devin’s cock instead.

Devin whimpered and shook his head. “Only if --” he interrupted himself, a loud moan escaping him as Jazz slipped a finger inside him. Jazz chuckled and watched as Devin squirmed. “Yeah, that,” Devin managed a moment later.

Snicerking, Jazz pushed another finger inside. He could feel himself grow hard again, especially as he imagined how Devin would feel around him. “You’re so hot,” he breathed against Devin’s cock. He teased the head of Devin’s cock with his tongue. “I’ve been thinking about how hard I was gonna fuck you for weeks…”

Devin groaned, his hips rocking in time with Jazz’s fingers. “Gonna -- keep thinking ‘bout it, or…?”

Jazz thrust his fingers hard into Devin, grinning as he yelped and writhed on top of the bed. “Oh, I’m gonna fuck you, Devin,” he hummed against Devin’s skin. He kissed the junction of hip and thigh, continuing upwards with little nips and kisses and fingering Devin all the while. He teased Devin’s neck with his tongue as he pulled his fingers out. He positioned himself between Devin’s legs, letting his arousal brush against Devin’s backside. “I think I’m ready, now…”

Jazz couldn’t describe the noise Devin made -- it was a cross between a whimper and a moan and Jazz rolled his hips, enjoying the way Devin ground against him in return. Nipping at Devin’s shoulder, Jazz aligned himself with Devin’s entrance and thrust himself in. Devin cried out, his back arching off the bed and his nails digging into Jazz’s back.

“Mm, you can just take me dry,” Jazz breathed against Devin’s neck, raking his teeth over Devin’s collarbone. He rolled his hips, holding back a moan himself as he pushed himself further inside of Devin. “Good to know…”

Devin didn’t answer with words -- though the moan that escaped him certainly said it all. Jazz chuckled against Devin’s shoulder, taking his time to establish a slow, but steady and hard rhythm. The younger man matched his thrusts eagerly, spreading his legs wider to pull Jazz in deeper.

Jazz moaned, trying to focus on kissing and nipping Devin’s neck. He found himself cataloguing every noise Devin made, determining which angles Devin liked best by how he arched himself off the bed and how hard he clawed at Jazz’s back. Devin tightened around him, and Jazz pushed Devin’s thighs back and over his shoulders, searching for Devin’s spot.

He knew he found it when Devin’s cries grew sharper; louder and drawn out. Jazz found Devin’s wrist and pinned it to the bed, which just earned him Devin writhing and squirming, his breath hitching. Jazz paused in his thrusts and studied Devin for a moment before grabbing Devin’s other wrist, pinning both of them over Devin’s head.

That earned a shudder with the entirety of Devin’s body and Devin’s breath catching in his throat. Jazz grinned down at him and rocked his hips, making sure to angle himself just right. “You like being restrained, huh?”

Devin answered with another shudder and the slightest of nods of his head. He strained against Jazz’s grip, and Jazz grinned even wider. “I’m stronger than I look, you know,” he said, leaning forward to breathe the words against Devin’s neck. He rolled his hips again, enjoying the way Devin squirmed under him. How Devin’s body moved with his.

Slowly, Jazz kissed his way up Devin’s throat to his lips, throwing his weight into each movement of his hips as he continued to keep Devin’s wrists pinned above his head. Devin moaned against his lips and struggled underneath Jazz, though he still moved to match Jazz’s thrusts.

Eventually, Jazz let go of Devin’s wrists and drifted his nails along the edge of Devin’s neck. He kept thrusting into Devin, kept watching Devin’s reactions to help determine just how the other man liked to be fucked. He could feel himself grow close, though, his body’s desire to reach release almost overriding his mind’s desire to keep making Devin sound like this -- all breathy and loud and desperate.

He wanted to press his hand against the curve of Devin’s throat; cut off his air, just a little bit. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it -- didn’t want to potentially ruin the experience for Devin. So instead he leaned in to nip at Devin’s neck and shoulders, biting harder in the places he knew wouldn’t be visible when Devin was wearing clothes.

The closer he got, the harder he pounded into Devin, bending him almost in half and letting one of his hands slide down the length of Devin’s body to his cock. The broken cry that escaped Devin almost made Jazz lose his thin control then and there, and when Devin’s back arched as Jazz’s fingers wrapped around him, Jazz made it a point to fuck Devin as hard as he physically could while holding himself back.

He wasn’t about to come first -- not after he’d gotten off once already.

It didn’t take Devin long to become entirely undone under his fingers, every noise escaping him almost animalistic in nature. Devin clawed at Jazz’s back and buried his fingers in Jazz’s hair as he pulled him down for another last, desperate kiss. He cried out against Jazz’s lips, having halfway lost his voice as he came in Jazz’s hand. Jazz followed suit a few harsh thrusts later, gasping Devin’s name into his shoulder.

They remained like that for quite a while, tangled in each other’s limbs and bodies connected by Jazz’s softening cock. He shifted his hips and pulled out after several moments had passed, nuzzling Devin’s shoulder. He tried not to think that he’d be paying for that experience -- though he had to admit, it was certainly worth the money to have Devin writhing like that underneath him. Devin had explained to him, once, that any additional charges would be handled after the fact.

He cupped Devin’s cheek with one hand, gently directing Devin to meet his eyes. They were still both breathless and drenched in sweat from their actions. And Devin’s amber eyes locked on his, an emotion flashing in them that Jazz told himself not to interpret.

This was Devin’s job to make him feel this good, he told himself. Still, he leaned forward and gently brushed his lips against Devin’s. “Cuddling after doesn’t add to the clock, does it?” he asked, a teasing lilt to his voice as he leaned in again just before he sliding off of Devin and curling up against his side. He rested his head on Devin’s chest and kissed the patch of skin closest to him.

Devin blinked at him, but wrapped his arm around Jazz’s shoulders and nuzzled him -- though Jazz felt the slight hesitation at the action. “Doesn’t add to it, no,” he said, his lips brushing against Jazz’s forehead. His voice carried the same teasing note, and he scooted closer to Jazz. “Would let you know when it does…”

“Just charge me for two hours,” Jazz said, yawning a little and stretching along the length of Devin’s side. He closed his eyes and snuggled as close to Devin as he could, tightening his arms around Devin’s lithe frame. “I’m either gonna fall asleep here or start a second round with you in a little bit.”

Devin snorted. “Sure you got the energy for that?” he snickered, his arm tightening around Jazz’s shoulder. “Look like you’re gonna fall asleep right now, dude…”

“I just might.” Jazz nuzzled Devin, further sinking against Devin’s frame as he kept his eyes closed. “You’re pretty comfortable -- though the bed is a little small…”

“Just means you gotta stay on top of me,” Devin said, his voice now a quiet whisper. His fingers drifted up and down Jazz’s back, and Jazz did his best to suppress a shiver at the touch. Sidearms weren’t supposed to be this affectionate with their employers, were they? Then again, Jazz would be more likely to lose track of time and continue their earlier activities if Devin was affectionate. Maybe it was just a ploy to keep the clock ticking, then...

“I don’t think that’d be very hard for me to do,” Jazz said with a quiet laugh, smirking to himself. He lifted his head and studied Devin’s face, giving him an amused smile all the while. “You make the best noises when I’m on top…”

“Bet you’d make better ones,” Devin said, leaning in to brush his lips against Jazz’s. “Made some great ones yourself earlier, y’know?”

Jazz blushed and hid his face in Devin’s chest. “Could always find out,” he said after a moment of collecting himself, drifting his fingertip along the edge of Devin’s arm. He met Devin’s eyes. “Though if we fuck again, charge me for three hours, okay? Since you’re letting me crash here for free and all…”

“Mm, might be cheaper to charge you for staying overnight than hours spent fucking me,” Devin said with a shrug. He nuzzled Jazz and kissed his forehead, pulling Jazz closer to him. “Don’t wanna rip you off…”

Jazz snorted and closed his eyes once again, absently drifting his fingertips wherever he could reach. “I’d rather you get a fair rate out of me,” he said, his sleepiness invading his voice. “Also, you kicked your roommate out for me. I think it’d be better to charge me more -- just for tonight. Next week I can take you back to my place and you can charge me properly for your time…”

“Guess I could do that, yeah,” Devin said, stifling an obvious yawn. Jazz chuckled quietly to himself, snuggling further into Devin’s chest as Devin’s arms remained wrapped around him. “If Savin’s okay with that…”

Jazz smiled a little wider at that. “I think he will be -- it’s a pretty rare thing for him to revoke permission…” His smile faded somewhat, his body tensing as he realized that it was likely Savin would be home in another week or two, if his mother kept improving at the rate she was. Sighing, Jazz tightened his arm around Devin’s front.

He would worry about the logistics of that later, he told himself. Sleep was edging in and frizzing his thoughts. And Devin’s breathing was changing -- evening out as his body relaxed under Jazz’s.

They could have that conversation later, Jazz supposed.

Next part available here
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